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SCY, the pioneer of Taiwan injection molding machine manufacturer found in 1966. Focusing on the fabrication in the range of 50ton to 2200ton with the Driving units available from hydraulic, servo hydraulic to electric system. The featured products are Electro Duo System and the latest launched Two Platen injection machine for the application of 5 Gallon PET preform. 

With outstanding performance, truly reasonable price and considerate service, SCY has accomplished countless precious trusts in real. These basic principles are driven by a sense of mission, the support of the engineering team and the cooperation of large and small cogs. Together, we could always provide you a superb experience and meet the ever-changing needs of contemporary plastic technology.

All production lines are proven sellers in East Europe, North and South America, Middle East, Africa, South Asia and Southeast Asia. Our proven sell-through, just-in-time delivery, and excellent turnover have established us as a leader in our industry.

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Sales Network

Interview Report

Shin Chang Yie Machine Works Co. Ltd. (SCY) introduces its new product, Electro Duo injection molding machine, together with two cavity square shape side entry IML system at Chinaplas 2015.

The new SCY Electro Duo has four advantages of accuracy, fast, stable and energy-saving once in place. At the heart of SCY Electro Duo system is the three axles of powerful servo motors and the driver control unit - the brain of the system, continuously calculate the most efficient combination of servo-hydraulic power and servo-electric power. The hybrid transmission ensures the smooth transition between both power sources perceiving sophistication. Inside the controller, the 12” LED touch panel shows the current machine status and the instant power consumption at all times.

The impressive performance for this Electro Duo machine is smartly adjusted and adapted to the actual requirement and minimizes power dissipation through the coordination of servo-hydraulic and electric power. These two forces work together to provide the greatest precision and power efficiency.